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Unique Stays Rosetown

Alive Sky Lodge Offers Many Unique Stays in Rosetown

One of the most unique features of Rosetown, Saskatchewan's Alive Sky Lodge is the ability to choose the lodgings that best meet your tastes and needs. This sets it apart from typical motels and long term stay hotels in Rosetown, which offer everyone the same sort of room and general environment. Because of this, you can have the perfect accommodations whether you're traveling alone, with family or with an entire work crew.

If you're looking for uniqueness above all, try staying in the BINcredible building at Alive Sky. This accommodation is made from an old grain bin, and was among the first hotel/bed-and-breakfast structures in the  Alive Sky Lodge family. Alternatively, bring your kids to the Cowboy Bunkhouse or check out the Bohemian Bin. All of these areas have their own large decks, separate doors to rooms, and provide views.

Those who would like to experience glamping for themselves are invited to try the Schoolee in the Coulee, which puts glamping accommodations tucked into the back yard beside water.

When you're traveling for work, there's no need to settle for cramped and boring long term stay hotels in Rosetown. Reserve your stay for seven or more nights at the Highway #7 Guesthouse. This large home-style hotel area has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and full furnishings. It's comfy, cozy, and is very affordable. Laundry facilities and a single garage are included with this option and unlimited parking.


As you can see, there are several experiences to choose from if you're looking for unique stays in Rosetown. Even better, they're all available under one umbrella – the Alive Sky Lodge!

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