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Rosetown Hotels

Move Up from the Typical Rosetown Hotels

When you think of a hotel, you likely imagine a basic room in a fairly boring building. It will have a bed, some durable furniture, and carpet. In most hotels, there will be nothing truly unique about it, except perhaps for the specific colors used.

This is not the case at the Alive Sky Lodge. At the Lodge, you get to choose from one of several unique buildings for your stay. Try the grain bin hotel area for a country retreat, or go for the Highway #7 Guesthouse if you and a crew want to stay for a long time. Two other large hotel areas, and a glamping setup, are also available. We cater to professionals, families and crews with an amazing breakfast included in every stay.

With all of these options, there's no need to even look at the are standard Rosetown hotels. When you want your stay to be as memorable as your vacation itself, book at the Alive Sky Lodge.

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