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Grain Bin Hotels Rosetown

Are You Looking for a Unique Bed & Breakfast in Rosetown?

When you visit most places, you'll find that the lodging options are fairly boring. Alive Sky Lodge in Rosetown, Saskatchewan has completely changed this.

The first thing you're likely to notice upon approaching Alive Sky Lodge is that it is the only highly unique grain bin hotels in Rosetown, SK and Canada! A grain bin hotel is housed inside of what was once an active grain storage bin. These large structures can be multiple stories tall, and their sizes vary. The largest can be converted into hotels and other multi-room buildings.

One of the attractive aspects of these grain bin hotels near Rosetown is the fact that they integrate old grain bins as frames. This saves the bins from destruction and being put into landfills. It's even more eco-friendly than standard material recycling since they don't get melted down and reformed.

New materials are added to convert the grain bins into houses and hotels, and when the process is complete, the inside may show only small hints of the structure's former use. The right accoutrements are added to provide the desired level of luxury and comfort, and to create the desired decor style.

Inside the Alive Sky Lodge Bed & Breakfast in Rosetown, you'll find country decor that features soothing powder blue walls and trendy grey metal accents. Comfortable furniture fills the common area, and the rooms provide luxurious beds and linens for a relaxing sleep.

Outside, the country decor continues, with carefully-placed large flower pots and a vintage car as part of the scenery. A hot tub, large old barn, and an antique metal tractor tire filled with pieces of wood for a cozy bonfire to complete the look.


If you're bored with generic hotel rooms, stop by Alive Sky Lodge. You'll gain one-of-a-kind memory that makes it far more than just a place to stay.

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